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We present an automatic, real-time video and image abstraction framework that abstracts imagery by modifying the contrast of visually important features, namely luminance and color opponency. We reduce contrast in low-contrast regions using an approximation to anisotropic diffusion, and artificially increase contrast in higher contrast regions with difference-of-Gaussian edges. The abstraction step is extensible and allows for artistic or data-driven control. Abstracted images can optionally be stylized using soft color quantization to create cartoon-like effects with good temporal coherence. Our framework design is highly parallel, allowing for a GPU-based, real-time implementation. We evaluate the effectiveness of our abstraction framework with a user-study and find that participants are faster at naming abstracted faces of known persons compared to photographs. Participants are also better at remembering abstracted images of arbitrary scenes in a memory task.

Essential steps in thesis statement writing

There is probably not a single student, who is not aware of the importance of thesis statement for academic essays. The best way to describe the meaning of thesis statement is its comparison to the foundation of a building. If foundation is not strong enough, then the whole building might ruin. In reality if the reader feels that you have offered a shaky thesis statement, he would most luckily not find your work interesting. At the same time thesis statement is important not only for the readers, but also for the writer. If thesis statement is correctly formulated, then it is much easier to organize the whole paper, to stick to the point and provide strong argumentation. Sometimes writers lose the focus upon the topic they are writing about, but if they reread their thesis statement, they could easily return to it.

Correct and comprehensible structure of the paper makes at least 50 % of the overall success of your writing. When you are researching the academic sources, it would be much easier for you to understand the key ideas, if you find the thesis statements there. A good strategy is to repeat the idea of the thesis statement in your conclusion, in order to remind your readers about it.

Thesis statement should be well-balanced, it should be neither too long nor too short. If it is too long, then the readers would lose the chain of the ideas, if it is too short, then there is no chance for the writer to express his major thoughts fully. Thesis statement is a kind of prediction of the content of the whole paper. Each of the paragraphs should have topic sentences, which would help to relate all the ideas to the key one. If you thesis statement is clear and assertive, you could be sure that the readers would be able to interpret your position correctly.

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